Postscript: 1st Year Anniversary

A year has passed. Some days it feels as though it happened yesterday; other days, in a different life. The Towers are gone. Even the ruins are no more, replaced by a ninety-foot deep pit. The physical and mental recovery has been positively remarkable. The city and its inhabitants, including at least one transplant from Wisconsin, have prevailed and even prospered in the past year.

And yet in some ways, we’ll never be the same. Painful memories will pop up unexpectedly as they recently did for me during a much-needed run. Alone, in my thoughts of the pain of the run, I had forgotten momentarily that the Towers no longer existed. On reaching a spot where the Towers always looked spectacular, I looked up expectedly and was taken back for an instance seeing only the altered skyline with nothing but “empty skies” above the former Trade Center site.

The unexpectedness of the moment threw me off. I felt that lump in my throat for the first time in many months and I thought how well Kevin nailed it at the end of that terrible, terrible day. “The bastards, the f—-ing bastards.”